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Why you should add Dr. Alexa Carlson at Circle of Light to Your Bucket List!

Why you should add Dr. Alexa Carlson at Circle of Light to Your Bucket List! Written by Marilyn. Over the years, we, at AstroChic, have tried to keep you informed about new things we hear about, or have experienced, that can help you live a better life. Well, today, I am going to turn you on to someone I think is worthy of your bucket list!! I know that is a very bold statement to make, so let me back it up!  You will see in the following paragraphs why I feel so strongly about this statement and will continue to seek out the spiritual guidance of Alexa Carlson more

3 Easy Ways to Achieve Abundance

3 Easy Ways to Achieve Abundance When most people think of abundance, they automatically think of material wealth. They think of money and beautiful jewelry and large houses. For the longest time, this is how I measured abundance. I would get out my metaphorical measuring stick and compare my life to other people's lives. If my car wasn't as nice as theirs or my house didn't have a large pool in the backyard, I would feel inadequate. I struggled with this concept for the longest time. It has taken me most of my more

Magical Moon Update: Proceed with Caution

Magical Moon Update: Proceed with Caution Magical Moon Update this week is good and not so good. The week begins with the moon in picky Virgo square Saturn. And to put a cherry on top of this difficult energy, the moon is void of course. When the moon is void of course, it is between signs and not being aspected. Some say this is fruitless energy. It is kind of like a retrograde in that respect. However, you should watch our for beginning new projects during a void of course moon. You should also abstain from meditation more

Valentine's Day: Good Energy Moon

Valentine's Day: Good Energy Moon First of all, Happy Valentine's Day!  This is one of those days where you get permission to love. I have said this before and I will say it again, love is never a wasted emotion, even if you don't get it back in return. It is like putting a down-paying on a fabulous future. Whatever you give to the universe comes right back to you. The trick is not to expect anything in return. Sometimes that is the hard part. Beautiful Libra Moon: Eternal Romance Giving love will be about as easy more

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Happy Birthday Aquarius! Happy Birthday, Aquarius!!  If you were born between January 20 and February 18, then you, my friend, are an Aquarius. The Water-Bearer By the time the zodiac wheel arrives at Aquarius, the eleventh sign, you are concerned with society as a whole. Your goals are expansive and far-reaching. You want to make an impact in life on a very big level. Your success is not ego-driven, however. You are very concerned with what is right and what is wrong. Capricorn was concerned with law and preserving more

Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Happy Birthday Capricorn! What it means to be a Capricorn If you were born from 12/22 to 01/19, then you were born with a sun in Capricorn. That means how you feel about yourself and your life goals will reflect the energy of this sign, for the most part. When the sun is in Capricorn, you are more influenced by this energy overall. I usually talk about Capricorn in general terms. I cover the sun-sign energy. I will cover aspects. However, to honor Capricorn's birthday this month, I will go into more detail. I more

Remembering George Michael

Remembering George Michael Okay, I am almost speechless right now, but I have to put something to paper, otherwise, I will probably explode. This has been the year from hell (2016), in terms of losing brilliant talent. What is going on?  As I write this, Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia) is in an ICU unit fighting for her life. And yesterday, Christmas afternoon, I found out George Michael passed away at his home in London. I don’t always feel compelled to pay tribute when somebody passes, but I think George’s more

Why Winter Solstice Matters

Why Winter Solstice Matters Why the Winter Solstice Matters The Winter Solstice is significant because it is the shortest day of the year (in terms of hours of sunlight). This will take place on December 21, as the sun enters Capricorn. The reason this matters is because in order to get through this dark time of year, you need to keep the faith. You can do this in your own way, or you can do this according to your religious beliefs. Faith When you go through a rough patch in life, there are different coping skills more

Meditation 101

Meditation 101 By Psychic Sam Meditation 101:  Defining Your Space In meditation 101, the first thing you need to do when you decide to meditate is find and define your space. You have to be comfortable, or it makes it kind of hard to relax. And relaxing is kind of the whole point. When you first start out, you can start by sitting, laying down, or even standing, as long as you are comfortable. Once you are able to get your breathing and mindset down, then worry about your position. Listen to Your more

Super Moon November 13, 2016

Super Moon November 13, 2016 What is a Super Moon? Scientifically speaking, the super moon on Sunday, November 13, 2014, represents the closest the moon will orbit around the earth during a full-moon or new-moon phase. It is thought that this is a very significant time for the earth in general because of changes in seismic activity. However, it is also thought to be a very potent time in astrology as well for being a great time of emotional release and new beginnings. The Good and the Bad News The super moon in Taurus more

3 Things You Need to Know about Psychic Self-Protection

3 Things You Need to Know about Psychic Self-Protection When I hear the phrase psychic self defense, I think of protecting myself against entities from another realm. It is the word psychic that throws me for a loop. According to Webster’s dictionary, the word psychic represents something “spiritual in origin or force.” Apparently there are many ways to interpret psychic self-protection. There are also just as many ways to achieve the same thing. In this article, I will talk about mindfulness meditative self-protection techniques. #3 more

Gemini Energy Propels You Forward

Gemini Energy Propels You Forward The Week of June 5 through June 11:  The moon may be in deep and imaginative Cancer today, but there is also a lot going on in the Third House, Gemini's House. You may feel very reflective right now, but there may be a lot pulling you forward. Gemini energy tends to do that. There is no time for you to dwell on old matters. What happened in the past does not define you. What is happening now does. Time to Move Forward The sun remains in restless and communicative Gemini. This is a very more

How the Taurus Moon Can Help You

How the Taurus Moon Can Help You If you are a regular person with a lot of daily responsibilities and a lot of background stress, you may be looking for a few minutes of quiet. You may be looking for a way to just not get so worked up about things. Today, you are in luck. The moon has moved into Venus-ruled Taurus, and this how the Taurus moon can help you out. Again, the moon represents the subconscious self in the birth chart, so this is how you will be affected by this energy. You look back on or down on your moon. The more

What Aries Moon Means for You

What Aries Moon Means for You The moon in your chart represents your subconscious self. It represents what you look back or look down on. The moon can also represent the relationship you had with a mother figure. When the moon is fiery Aries, it may be easier to let go of the past. This is a forward-moving moon. However, it may be easy to act out in the present. This energy may influence all aspects of your life. It is hard not to be affected one way or the other. But in short, this is what Aries moon means for you. Take more

Why You Might Need Your Social Group

Why You Might Need Your Social Group By Marilyn, Astrologer at AstroChic Astrology You may have noticed that the sun entered Gemini officially on May 20. And immediately following that, you may have celebrated Mercury (the planet of commerce and communication) stationed direct. A lot has has happened in a short amount of time. Communication is very important lately. That might be another reason why you need your social group more than ever. Venus in Gemini and Love You may have noticed that your love life has been a little more

Here’s Why Cate Blanchett is so Amazing!

Here’s Why Cate Blanchett is so Amazing!   Hardworking and accomplished, Taurus, Cate Blanchett is my pick for today’s Astrology Profile. I think it is very appropriate that I pay tribute to this accomplished Actress in the month of May, with the sun shining brightly in Taurus. I chose Cate specifically because she represents fine expression of Taurus energy. And in the following paragraphs, I will explain why Cate Blanchett is so amazing from an astrological perspective. She Can Definitely Act For me, it all began back more

3 Easy Life Hacks to Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde

3 Easy Life Hacks to Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde As you know, Mercury retrograde is almost upon us. Mercury represents communication and commerce. During this time, there tends to be a breakdown in communication, technology and business as usual. During this time, you may experience flashes from your past as well. Perhaps you will have a run-in with an ex. Or perhaps you will find those a pair of keys you lost two years ago. People with Mercury significant in key areas in their chart may be more affected by the retrograde than others. more

5 Reasons Why You Love Adele

5 Reasons Why You Love Adele Adele is famous for her beautiful soulful voice. She achieved her musical success at a very young age. She was one of those people who found their path at a very early age. She has been loved by us ever since. I suspect that the focus of Adele’s Taurus sun has guided her seamlessly through her musical career. Taurus rules the area of the throat. For that reason, many Taurus-types end up having very beautiful voices. However, other aspects in the natal chart must be considered as well. Taurus more

Our Magical Purple Prince

Our Magical Purple Prince AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian, File Prince the Icon Prince Rogers Nelson, musical genius and icon, passed away Wednesday, April 21, at his Paisley Park Home in Minnesota. He was only 57-years-old. His star was still shining bright and had plenty of energy left to burn. That is probably why his death was so shockingly hard for most of us to accept. His music was still consistently beautiful and magnetic. He appeared to have so much left to give. When I learned of Prince’s passing, I more

Mercury Retrograde Inspires Time Travel

Mercury Retrograde Inspires Time Travel You have probably noticed that the shadow of Mercury Retrograde is upon us even through retrograde doesn't officially occur until April 28. During this time before the retrograde things begin to go a little haywire.  You may begin to see little things change, especially if you have Mercury strong in your chart.  The past may begin to revisit you little bit little. In effect, Mercury retrograde inspires time travel back to your past, but it may not be the kind of time travel you are more

Venus in Aries Celebrity

Venus in Aries Celebrity This week Venus (the love planet) has moved into Aries. You may have noticed that your relationships have gone from being passive and evasive to in your face and to the point. This is what happens when Venus moves from sweet-natured, otherworldly Pisces into abrasive and ambitious Aries. This Venus likes to be first in love and first in just about everything else. Venus in Aries celebrity factor is pretty well known. Celebrities with Venus in Aries Many people with this Venus placement end up more

Sam's Psychic Sense Sees Beauty

Sam's Psychic Sense Sees Beauty Written by Marilyn, Astrologer at AstroChic In life, it is easy to get caught up in the drama of noise, the background noise. Everybody has a certain amount of noise that they let in. You may think it is your duty to listen to it, and maybe to some extent it is. However, you have the power to control how you choose to perceive it.  For that reason, Sam's psychic sense sees beauty today. Once you sort through the noise and find clarity, everything else outside of you will start to correct more

The Power of Healing Gemstones

The Power of Healing Gemstones By Marilyn, Astrologer for AstroChic For the past year, I have sought counsel about which gemstone would be the most beneficial for me to keep negative energy away. You see, I am an extreme empath and have been warned by my guide to protect my aura. Apparently crystals (when cared for properly) can help you guard your aura against negative energy.  This is how I stumbled upon a path that taught me the power of healing gemstones and what was best for me. I Sought Guidance At the advice of more