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Why you should add Dr. Alexa Carlson at Circle of Light to Your Bucket List!

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Alexa OfLightWritten by Marilyn.

Over the years, we, at AstroChic, have tried to keep you informed about new things we hear about, or have experienced, that can help you live a better life.

Well, today, I am going to turn you on to someone I think is worthy of your bucket list!!

I know that is a very bold statement to make, so let me back it up!  You will see in the following paragraphs why I feel so strongly about this statement and will continue to seek out the spiritual guidance of Alexa Carlson at the Circle of Light, utilizing techniques such as quantum meditation.

The only rub about sharing her information with all of you is that it will be that much harder for me to get an appointment with her!  However, I am in an altruistic mood today and feel that the good outweighs the bad in this situation. She has helped me get to where I need to be so I am ready to share. LOL!

Sometimes Life Leads You to Where You Need to Be

Okay, it was a rainy Monday morning, about three years ago. It was a little bit chilly outside, probably about 60 degrees. This is cold by Texas standards.  I was at my natural medicine doctor’s office for routine allergy treatments. I was sitting upright on the exam table and ready to report my progress, as usual.

Unfortunately, the treatments just weren’t working fast enough for me. And we were having a hard time isolating what exactly was triggering my food allergies.

Needless to say, I had been to numerous doctors for my food allergies over the years with very little helpful information about how to cure myself.

My typical visit to a traditional medicine allergy doctor would involve receiving a prescription for an EpiPen and a tutorial on how to use it. Oh, and there is usually skin pricks and blood work involved as well.

Honestly, if I replaced the allergy doctor with 20-something person in an airline attendant suit, I could be on an airplane receiving flight safety instructions.

This definitely wasn’t my first rodeo, and apparently, it wasn’t my last.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a firm believer in traditional medicine. However, when you can’t find the answers you need, I am certainly not opposed to searching outside the box in less traditional places.

Thinking Outside of The Box

My natural medicine doctor knew I was losing personality and patience with laser treatment. Laser acupuncture helped me at first, but then I reached a plateau where it didn’t seem to benefit me anymore. So he recommended I go see Dr. Carlson at the Circle of Light. He explained how she had helped him heal spiritually and physically.

He further explained that she could see things he couldn’t see. At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. He also offered that she would be able to help me with my food allergies through dietary recommendations, which he was totally right about.

I figured that I really didn’t have anything to lose. What is one more new experience anyway?  At that point, I was willing to try anything. Sometimes you need to open your mind up and allow new information in. That doesn’t mean that you will act on it. It just means that you have more information to make an informed decision.

Needless to say, I was intrigued, I was also a little inspired.

Immediately, I went home that very day and contacted the Circle of Light, where Alexa Carlson works, and scheduled my very first appointment. I was a little bit nervous. I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

On a deeper level, however, there was a part of me that was a little irritated as well about having to go regurgitate my medical history to yet another doctor, who may or may not be able to help me.

Cosmic Introduction

I received a call back right away from the Circle of Light. I booked my appointment for late in the day, around 5:00 pm or so, at the end of that week, at Dr. Carlson’s office. Apparently, she offers phone appointments as well, but I wanted to see her in person for my first visit.

The appointment time came faster than I had expected. Before I knew it, I was walking through a relatively busy parking lot outside of her office, up to the front door. The door had a sun-like symbol on it. I began to wonder about what that might mean. Then I remembered that I left my water in the car.

I always keep water with me in case I need to take oral allergy medication. So back to the car I went to retrieve my water bottle.

When I walked back to the entrance of Circle of Light Office, Alexa was waiting for me. Right away, she began to talk to me. I was enchanted. I felt well just being around her. I felt like I was in a safe space, happy energy place. I don’t know how else to describe it.

She stood about 5 foot, 8 inches tall with short, with, short, dark hair. She was slender. What she was wearing surprised me most of all. She was wearing an earth-tone, hippie-chic, peasant tunic that flowed halfway down her thigh to cover a pair of black leggings.

And because it was wintertime, she had on a pair of really cool knee-high boots. They could have been Doc Martens, but I did not want to pry. She looked very fashion-forward and happening.

I suppose I expected her to be all buttoned up, or something, like most of my doctors.  Good fashion sense is a plus in my book!!

Then I began to focus on her face. She had very large, soulful eyes, like eyes that had seen many lives. Her eyes seemed wise to me, if that makes sense. They say that a person’s eyes represent the window into their soul. I suppose you could say Alexa had spiritual eyes, for good reason I am sure.

Angels, Guides and Wait, What, What?

After introductions and instructions, eventually, I followed Alexa back to a tranquil, well-lit green room. She referred to this space as her “office.” She instructed me to have a seat and get comfortable. I sat down in a comfortable reclining chair that sat very close to the floor. She sat in an identical chair opposite me. At that point, she began asking me questions.

When appropriate, I explained that I had grief associated with anxiety. I never knew when I would have a flare up of my allergies. To make matters worse, I still didn’t understand completely what was causing my allergies.

Throughout my session with Dr. Carlson, she was analyzing my aura and advising me accordingly. She gave me advice about what foods I should eat based on my aura. She told me what foods to stay away from (to my surprise, she was right about everything).

As I explained my medical history, I felt pressure, like somebody was giving me a massage at the base of my skull and around the top of my shoulders.

Immediately, I told Alexa what I felt. She explained that angels were working on me to help me heal. I was blown away! I could feel it, and I was benefiting physically in real-time!

The Fifth Dimension: The Veil Comes Down

As the session progressed, I noticed the energy in the little green room seemed extremely elevated, to the point that I began to see what Dr. Carlson could see. It was as if she had pulled back a veil that allowed me to exist at her vibration for a few minutes (since then, I have read that I may have witnessed the fifth dimension for a moment).

During this brief couple of minutes, I met my spiritual guide, Marion. She was beautiful. Apparently she has been hanging out with me since birth!! But she didn’t look like what I thought an angelic guide should look like.

Marion looked middle-aged, but she seemed to have aged well. She didn’t have wings or anything. She was wearing a long maxi dress. Her hair was pulled back in a loose bun.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Marion looked like that in life. I also wondered what attached Marion to me. Did I inherit her?  Is she related to me. Did I know her in this lifetime before she passed on?

There was not enough time in the session to answer all of my questions. I learned right away that I needed to write down all of my questions before each session, or I would forget something! Being organized has helped me fill in the blanks at a much faster pace.

I think I felt Marion previously in my life. It was so lovely to finally meet her!

During this time, while the angels and guides were present, I felt short of breath. Alexa said that is common. I also felt certain parts of my body tingle when they touched me. She said that was very common too.

As the session came to a close, I felt like I was ready for bed. I was spiritually spent, but in a good way. It was as if I did a whole bunch of healing in one night. In fact, I am convinced that is what happened.

Spiritual Power and Self-Healing

I grew up attending a Baptist church. I believe in God. However, to be honest, I have been ambivalent about what truly goes on behind the scenes.

Where was I going after this life?  Are there spirits around me?  Can I communicate with loved ones who have passed on?  I received more answers than I thought possible that evening session with Alexa. It really changed my life.

From that point forward, I became more of a spiritual person. I now have a sense of knowing. There are not only spirits around me, there  are angels and guides around me as well. This sense of knowing empowered me. It gave me a strong sense of peace at the same time.

I never really felt like I needed spiritual proof to believe in God, but once I had it, I could not believe the change in my own attitude. I pray more. I am much more conscious of what goes on around me spiritually.

As a result, I decided to attend Dr. Carlson’s group sessions on a regular basis. This helped me understand the energy that a group of people creates when working together in quantum meditation.  It also helped me understand the power of my own energy.

So there you have it!  That is my account of my initial and subsequent sessions at Dr. Alexa Carlson’s office at the Circle of Light.

Find Your Path At Circle of Light!

For those of you interested in Dr. Carlson’s guidance, she is available by phone and by in-person appointments.

She also holds group session every Saturday to raise money for horses. It is a lot like regular sessions, but there are more like-minded people contributing. It is really quite an experience. And it is for a really great cause.

If you are like me, you will follow the love and the light. It is so worth it. I am a better person spiritually because of it. I am also more successful in life because the meditative healing has elevated my vibration.

If nothing else, Dr. Carlson taught me to heal myself. She taught me that what you create inside of you will be reflected outside of you. In other words, you manifest in the material world how you feel spiritually. That is how powerful you are!!

So, in conclusion, if you haven’t added Dr. Carlson to your bucket list, I highly recommend that you do so today!!

She can be reached Alexa OfLight

(281) 486-1736

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  • I thought my life was too complicated and too messed up for anybody to help me, but I was wrong. Thank you, Marilyn, for listening. I needed someone to listen without judgment. It is up to me, however, to put the pieces back together.

    - Maria
    Los Angeles, California
  • I have always been reluctant to spend the money on a reading for myself. I thought it would be too self-indulgent. But I realized that I am worth it. It has helped me so much that I plan on making it a yearly thing. Thank you, Sam!!

    - Lisa
    Dallas, Texas
  • Thank you, Marilyn, for guiding me through a very difficult time in my life. Understanding where I was in terms of my chart really helped me put the pieces together. Until next time!!

    - Kristie
    Austin, Texas

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