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You cannot talk about Aries, without talking about the passion of this fire sign. For that reason, we will focus on the fire element of the first zodiac sign. We will also talk about how that manifests in the characteristics of this bold sign.

The Drive to Succeed

Fire is a very powerful element. And in Aries, fire fuels what seems like unlimited vital life energy.

This energy is ready to tackle any new task, without fear. No matter the failure, Aries gets back up and tries again and again. It is no wonder so many Aries people are so darn successful.

If everybody had this can-do spirit, thee would be a lot more CEOs in the world!!

Passion to Love

Fire in Aries fuels passion. When Venus (the planet of Love) is in Aries, this manifests as an in-your-face ready to get to know you type of passion.

There is impatience here. That is not always a good thing. In business, this kind of fiery energy is great, but in love, sometimes the passion burns too bright and can be overwhelming.

Lack of Direction

Just fire energy burns bright for Aries in Love and Business, it can also lose direction or become easily bored.

That is where you see the behavior of cutting losses and moving on. Now, this isn’t always the right thing to do in life, but this is the fire element of Aries.

It is very powerful and burns very bright, but it also loses interest just as fast as it builds enthusiasm.

What I am Trying to Say

If you have a lot of Aries in your chart or you are with somebody who does, this kind of energy (fire element) can be very powerful. It is important to know what you are dealing with.

There is a lot of dynamic life energy here to work with. However, if you cannot contain it and make something of it, it is just energy.

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