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Natalie Portman was born

on June 9, 1981 in Jerusalem. That would make her a Gemini, as she was born when the sun was in the sign of Gemini.

She has many characteristics of a Gemini person.

However, she has a moon in Virgo, which gives her a double dose of Mercury (ruler of Gemini and Virgo).

She also has Scorpio ascendant, which gives her the ability to feel deeply. This is all very dynamic energy indeed!

Gemini Sun: Business and Communication

As indecisive as Natalie might be, she is blessed with a Gemini sun and the ability to communicate and navigate the business world with ease. Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) governs business and communication.

So it is no surprise that Natalie speaks six languages. This is common among people with Mercury or Gemini significant in their birth chart.

Natalie also has a great business mind. She has invested wisely over the span of her successful acting/directing career. She has made an estimated $54 million dollars in sum!

Significant wealth is characteristic of birth charts of Gemini natives. Never underestimate the power of communication and social connections!

Gemini and Creativity

Some might think the intellectual nature of Gemini somehow subtracts from creativity. This could not be more wrong.

Gemini is a mutable sign. Mutability makes this masculine sign highly adaptive and highly creative.

You only need to look at past performances by Portman to see that she is gifted.

For instance, she picked up ballet on the fly while filming the Black Swan, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress I might add!

Gemini and Love

Natalie has Scorpio ascendant. This is what she projects to the world, or how the world sees her. She is very passionate and able to feel quite deeply.

If we were just factoring Natalie’s Gemini sun, we could say she is rational and emotionally removed, but her ascendant helps her feel life on a very deep and penetrating level.

Her emotional depth can also be seen in her acting.

For the most part, however, Gemini types show their capacity to love through communication and light-hearted story-telling.

This is a happy-go-lucky sign. If you have a Gemini friend, you can always count on them to keep in touch. They are probably responsible for keeping your relationship going!!

Ultimately, however, 

Yes, you can say Gemini types like Natalie Portman might be a little indecisive. This is due to the restless nature of this air sign.

However, you can also say that she is creative and has a great mind for business as well!!

I am sure she will be creatively productive throughout her lifetime, as that is also in the nature of her restless Gemini sun.

Other Gemini Celebrities:

Nicole Kidman born June 20, 1967; Prince born June 7, 1958; Lenny Kravitz born May 26, 1964; Ginnifer Goodwin born May 22,1978; Joshua Jackson born June 11, 1978; Dave Navarro born June 7, 1967; Naomi Campbell born May 22, 1970; Elizabeth Hurley born June 10, 1965; Adriana Lima born June 12, 1981; Angelina Jolie born June 4, 1975

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