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Sun in Taurus: You Know Who You Are

The above quote might sound like it came out of the mouth of somebody with an Aries sun. This sounds very bold and sort of shot from the hip. But it came from a very realistic and grounded earth person. It came out of the mouth of a Taurus person, Cher!

I was surprised to find that Cher, of all people, had a Taurus sun. This is a very deliberate, no-nonsense sun. Sun in Taurus types usually have a very good grasp of reality. They know what they want. And they will achieve it through sheer charm, willpower and inertia!

I guess the sun in Taurus makes sense when you consider Cher’s staying power. She has had a phenomenal music/acting career. She is also just as famous for what she has been able to overcome.

Taurus, Cher and the Physical World

When the sun is in Taurus, goals become focused. There is a slowness to this steady earth sun. They live very much in the physical world.

I remember as a child watching a special on one of the big networks. They were covering celebrity houses. It must have been the early 1980s.

I noted Cher not only had a big grand house, but she had really good taste. She took great care in making her house a place of comfort.

Cher, Taurus Sun Person: The Ultimate Friend

Cher has also showed focus in her commitments to the people around her. You can see this in her longtime commitment to her favorite designer, Bob Mackie.  This is very much in line with her Taurus sun.

Apparently Bob Mackie and Cher parted ways in 2014. She begged him to work on her final tour, but he could not commit because of previous obligations.

Like a typical Taurus, she wanted consistency. She wanted to stay the course with people she knew and trusted. This was her last tour after all.

As you can see, Cher cares a great deal about atmosphere, cosmetics, material, clothing and structures. Again, these are things very much rooted in the material world.

Fortunately the brilliant performer was able to find somebody who was equally as qualified to make her look fabulous!

There You Have It!

This is just a snapshot inside the life of the super talented Cher.  I gave you a peak into her life through the lens of her Taurus sun.

Because I examined only one planet, her entire birth chart must be considered to understand completely her complex personality.

Do you have a Taurus sun?  Do you share fabulous traits with Cher?  Find out now with a Taurus-specific birth chart!

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    - Maria
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