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Sarahastrology Sarah Cochrane is an astrologer who practices Western Astrology in the form of birth charts and readings, forecasts and compatibility readings. Here main focus on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are daily astrology transits. You can check her out at www.sarahastrology.com!

Madeleine Masterson

Madeleine Masterson If you have spent much time on Twitter, looking at children’s stories and art, you have no doubt come across creative Madeleine Masterson.  She writes prolifically about the adventurous cat Wonka.  She also does tarot illustrations.  Below is a snippet of where Madeleine draws her creative inspiration.  Enjoy! ‘The Tarot has been a strong presence in my life, such potent images to enrich us and empower.  It is my delight to share with you my own interpretations.  Each image has ...read more

Distant Healing Energy

Distant Healing Energy Reiki Master Darla Meng offers distant healing using a combination of Reiki, Angel and Stellar energy healing.  We vouch for Darla's gift of healing.  We are clients as well.  She is also a spiritual educator. Webinars are coming soon!  We will keep you posted.

Horoscope Junkie

Horoscope Junkie Horoscope Junkie is the home of the Web's Best Free Horoscope Sites! Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscopes. Promoting astrologers from around the globe! URL: http://thehoroscopejunkie.ca

Chris Medina Platinum Predictions

Chris Medina Platinum Predictions Chris Medina is a natural born Psychic-Medium with Native American ancestry. He provides expert metaphysical services for those in need of direction and or guidance in their life. He utilizes his innate ability to connect with people on a true spiritual level to help guide them toward the path they are truly seeking. In essence, he helps others help themselves.Chris has had his authenticity verified:"I do not generalize when I read and I do not allow information to be given to me beforehand. I absolutely ...read more

Ainslie Faust, Writer of Fiction, Astrology

Ainslie Faust, Writer of Fiction, Astrology If you have been active on Twitter or Instagram these days, and you are interested in astrology, chances are you have seen the work of Ainslie Faust. She is not only a gifted writer of fiction, but she is also a very intelligent and insightful astrologer. You can find more of Ainslie Faust's work on www.amazon.com or at  astroainslie.com  

Zodiacts Vinny D'Virgo and His Veggie Vittles

Zodiacts Vinny D'Virgo and His Veggie Vittles Chef Vinny d'Virgo sets out to create the healthiest, most delicious meal the cosmos has ever known. Can this well-meaning, but neurotic Virgo succeed in wowing his critics or will his culinary endeavors be deemed a massive flop? Artwork by Donna McGarry at www.zodiacts.com

Zodiacts Leo Limelight Lunacy

Zodiacts Leo Limelight Lunacy The stars are out to shine! The regal Starrkitty is outraged when she discovers her nemesis, Lola Leo, is headlining a solo show. Kit scrambles to produce a rival spectacle.  Which leading lady will pack the house in this star-studded extravaganza? Artwork by Donna McGarry at www.zodiacts.com    

Zodiacts Gemini Jamboree

Zodiacts Gemini Jamboree As the Moon whips through the sign of Gemini, the Zodiacts head off to Mercury for a whirlwind intergalactic expo.  Artwork by Donna McGarry at www.zodiacts.com  

Zodiacts Taurus Treehouse

Zodiacts Taurus Treehouse In these trying times, building a tree house can do wonders for a star's piece of mind! Artwork by Donna McGarry at www.zodiacts.com      

Zodiacts Aries Adventure

Zodiacts Aries Adventure As the Moon travels through the constellation Aries, the Zodiacts gang zips to Mars for a non-stop camping adventure. Artwork by Donna McGrarry at www.zodiacts.com