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    Nothing is ever set in stone in your life. You are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is considered traditional. You live for change.

    This month, you will be in for some changes, especially in professional life as the sun moves into Gemini on May 20, at 03:31 pm.

    You are highly intellectual by nature. For this reason, you are quite at home with cerebral Gemini sun. This is a whole lot of a good thing, however.

    Gemini represents air element. Aquarius also represents air element. This is very intellectual and communicative energy. With this combination, the sky is the limit for you.

    The hardest part for you this month is deciding where best to apply your energy!

    Mars enters Cancer:  Emotional What, What?

    Okay, news flash, you are not that great at emotional stuff. You show your emotions by doing. It is not that you aren’t capable of love. You are very capable, but you tend to express yourself through expansive, grand gestures.

    Your gift in life is to speak to the masses. Some of the greatest public services in history either had a significant planet in Aquarius. That is a fact.

    On June 2, at 11:16 am Mars enters Cancer, and you will be dragged down into emotional abyss. You might feel confused by conflict going on that you didn’t create.

    You are not one to go around starting trouble. However, you are often one who can diffuse trouble. You will use your skills of diplomacy and grace to smooth over whatever comes your way.

    Again, did I mention that you have a gift for communicating?  xo

    Venus enters Taurus:  Love Conquers All

    You are not really passionate in the traditional sense. When it comes to love, you love through communicating ideas. You also love by showing. In that respect, you can be quite generous.

    On June 6, at 02:26 am, Venus enters romantic Taurus. You might not know what to do with this energy at first. However, sooner or later, you will come under the influence of cupid’s arrow. Yes, you!

    Venus in stable and reliable Venus-ruled Taurus grows roots. This is love with a very firm foundation. If you are beginning a new relationship, it has a high likelihood of success under this Venus.

    If you are already in a relationship, you might see romance pick up steam. Venus is very happy in Taurus for good reason.

    This is also a great placement for creative pursuits as well!

    Mercury enters Gemini:  Your Intellect Takes Over

    You live in your thoughts on most days. You are very, very creative and innovative. With more air energy added to the equation, you are even more formidable in your professional life.

    Mercury is at home in Gemini. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. So on June 6, at 05:15 pm when Mercury enters Gemini, you will be ready to rock. You will also be willing to take risks.

    But risk-taking under Gemini usually pays off. This is one of those lucky signs. You are not really sure how Gemini types pull it all together, but they do. Under the influence of Mercury in Gemini, you venture out into new territory.

    This is a very creative time for you. If you are innovative, you will find collaboration for your brilliant ideas.

    If you are spiritual, you will find like-minded people to connect with.

    Mercury is happy in Gemini, and you will feel the blessings of this Mercury placement in your professional life!!

    Jupiter Stations Direct: Your Higher Self

    When Jupiter is retrograde, you feel the lack of balance in areas of learning and travel. Your ability to really find spiritual purpose is compromised.

    However, on June 9 at 10:02 am, Jupiter Stations direct! And you will see your true path once again.

    This is a great time to start moving toward what brings you joy and what makes you grateful in life. Follow your heart on this one.

    I have been overriding my emotions with logic for years, but only to my own detriment. When you pay attention to how you feel, your spirit will show you which direction you should be headed!

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