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    As you head into June, the sun enters light-hearted Gemini. This lightens your emotional load. It helps you to not take yourself too seriously. The sun moves officially into Gemini May 20, at 03:31 pm.

    You are a beautiful emotional soul. However, sometimes you get so caught up in emotional stuff, it paralyzes you. Chatty Gemini sun will help you move on from unproductive emotional stuff.

    This happy sun will also enhance your cosmic sense of humor in life. You have to remember to look on the bright side of life. There is always a brighter side to every down side!

    Mars enters Cancer: Passions Run High!

    As I previously pointed out, you are very much influenced by how you feel. That is a good thing. That what makes you so creative and innovative. However, sometimes it can slow you down.

    On June 2, at 11:16 am Mars enters Cancer; you will feel the in-flow of significant emotional energy. You might feel like reacting to an emotional situation during this time. But it is better to be mindful of what you are willing to fight for.

    Passions definitely run high this month with this Mars placement. Remember, however, it is all about how you reactive to a situation. This Mars could bring really important information to light through pressure to communicate.

    There is always a positive side to everything!

    Venus enters Taurus: Love Grows Roots

    You love the idea of security. You are at your best when you know what to expect in your love life. You are in luck!  On June 6, at 02:26 am, Venus enters steadfast and romantic Taurus.

    This is excellent energy for you. This is nurturing, loving and committed energy. You will feel like if you fall backwards, somebody will be there to catch you.

    This is also a great Venus placement for creative projects. You will find the time to tie up unfinished projects as well!

    Be prepared to be very productive this month!!

    Mercury enters Gemini: Manifest Your Dreams in Reality!

    You hold yourself back quite a bit. It is not so much that you are afraid of anything. It is more that you don’t want to step on any toes.

    Toes be darned, this is your month to shine. On June 6, at 05:15 pm, Mercury enters free-wheeling Gemini, and you are ready to roll!!

    When Mercury enters Gemini, it at home. It is ruler of Gemini. Gemini knows all about business and communication. For that reason, you should have no problem moving forward and achieving success this month.

    First things first, however. Trust your intuition. You are usually right about what you are feeling. Then get yourself out the door and start making your dreams a reality. Professionally, this is a really good time for you!!

    Jupiter Stations Direct: You are Blessed

    Because you give so much of yourself to people in need, you see a lot of that energy return to you. So when a planet like Jupiter stations direct on June 9 at 10:02 am, you have a few blessings coming due!!

    It is not as if you live a blessed life. It more like you create your own karma as you go along. Energy flows towards people who deserve it. And you deserve it!!

    Nobody ever notices when Jupiter is direct because they are used to the opportunities and blessings of this expansive planet. However, when this planet is retrograde, everybody is discombobulated.

    Fortunately for you, your luck is going to turnaround!!

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