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    You have so many projects going at once. Your saving grace is your ambition. However, sometimes you get in your own way.

    This month things get easier for you. On May 20, at 03:31 pm, the sun moved into optimistic Gemini. This sun lightens your emotional load considerably.

    The theme for you this month will be business and pleasure. You are very regimented about keeping the two separated. You honor rules and tradition above all else.

    But this month things are different. Social Gemini sun pushes you out into the social scene. You will find business opportunities as well. It is all about who you know this month!

    Mars enters Cancer: Keep your Wits About You

    Let’s face it, you like order. You like structure in your life above all else. If things are out of whack, you become irritated.

    The planet Mars and where it is placed in your chart has a lot to do with how you deal with stress. This month, Mars moves into emotional and reactive Cancer on June 2, at 11:16 am. This is not the best combination for many reasons. However, if you know how to use this energy, it can be very powerful.

    Mars in Cancer can be very caring and loving, but it can also be very emotional and judgmental. Now that you have been given the heads-up, you will know how to manage this energy more effectively.

    When you take constructive advice personally, think about how it was intended. Are you being too sensitive?  Do you even know the personal delivering the message very well?

    Context matters. If you feel like having a moment, a long walk or meditation is highly advised this month. xo

    Venus enters Taurus: Take the Month Off!!

    You might feel like taking the month off. If you can swing it financially, maybe you should. Venus is about love and creativity. When it moves into Venus-ruled Taurus on June 6, at 02:26 am, you will feel like indulging yourself that much more.

    You are not the live in the moment kind of person. You have your life planned out in advance for the next 20 years. You are constantly competing with your idea of what is perfect.

    You could learn a few things from well-adjusted Taurus. Taurus energy is by no means perfect, but this happy earth sign knows how to recreate and move on.

    This creative sign also knows how to love. This is not just relationship love, this is loving the self. One of your biggest issues in this lifetime is learning how to forgive yourself.

    You take the world on when you really don’t have to. Once you learn how to truly love yourself, everything else in your life will become so much easier, including love!

    Mercury enters Gemini: Professional Self and Purpose

    It may come as some surprise to you, but Mercury is happy when it enters Gemini on June 6, at 05:15 pm. Gemini might seem like a flaky sign, but it is great for business!

    Mercury is actually ruler of Gemini, so it is like going home for the planet of commerce and communication.

    You will find great purpose under Mercury this month. You will find your professional path. Allow people to guide you as well.

    Gemini’s great power is expressed through communication and social connection. Harness the power of this nimble air sign this month and manifest the success that you deserve.

    This will mean breaking out of your shell. You need to actually put yourself out there. You also need to share your ideas with trusted business people. You know what you need to do!!

    Jupiter Stations Direct: The “Great Benefic” returns!

    You might not notice so much when Jupiter is stationed direct and things are working properly in the cosmos. However, when this planet is retrograde, your ‘liquid luck” disappears. Yes, opportunities tend to diminish.

    However, on June 9 at 10:02 am, Jupiter Stations direct! It is time to start counting your blessings once again.

    You don’t put much stock in good fortune. You place your bets on hard work in life. But there is no doubt you have felt the effects of Jupiter retrograde.

    You spend so much of your time at work and on behalf of work. You will begin to feel the cosmic winds of opportunity flowing in your direction!!

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    • Thank you, Marilyn, for guiding me through a very difficult time in my life. Understanding where I was in terms of my chart really helped me put the pieces together. Until next time!!

      - Kristie
      Austin, Texas
    • I thought my life was too complicated and too messed up for anybody to help me, but I was wrong. Thank you, Marilyn, for listening. I needed someone to listen without judgment. It is up to me, however, to put the pieces back together.

      - Maria
      Los Angeles, California


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