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    This is one of those months where you feel like you can do no wrong. The planets favor you, and you can feel it. To start things off, the sun moves into light-hearted and happy-go-lucky Gemini, on May 20, at 03:31 pm.

    Your goals and your friendships are highlighted the most under this intellectual sun. You are goal-oriented, but you need a creative outlet as well. If you are not feeling quite right, do something to inspire yourself.

    If you are looking for a change, focus on work-life balance. It is never too late to take new online tutorial or mess around with design software. If you are not a writer then you are the Libra type that needs beautiful, creative surroundings.

    Your taste is refined. You will need to think deeply to inspire yourself. You can do it. You have a great mind.

    Mars enters Cancer: Talk About Love, not War!

    The planet Mars gets a bad reputation for creating trouble where there is none. When Mars enters Cancer on June 2 at 11:16 am, you will need an emotional release.

    But you are not emotional by nature. You are rational. That is what makes you such a great judge of things.

    Exercise and busy-work are your best bets now. Try not to get caught up in things that do not belong to you.

    You like to keep your environment free from unpleasantness. My advice for Mars and emotional stuff is to focus on creating things. Channel that beautiful, passionate energy into something magnificent. Yes, you are that talented!!

    Venus Enters Taurus: The more Love, the Better!!

    You are happiest when you are in a relationship, when you are in love. You are the master of one-on-one relationships. When it comes to making things worth, you are a pro.

    When Venus enters sensual and romantic Taurus on June 6, at 02:26 am, it is your time to shine. Relationships will become easier.  You will feel the love.

    This is a solid time to enter new relationships. It is a great time to build on a relationship you have already started.

    However, I don’t need to advise you on love. You wrote the book!!

    Mercury enters Gemini: Success is Within Reach!

    You are gifted. Let’s just get that out there. Everybody knows it. It is never really a surprise when you succeed. What is surprising is the fact that you ever doubted yourself.

    On June 6, at 05:15 pm when Mercury enters Gemini, you will be drawn into the professional fast late. You will be faced with decisions that will give energy to new opportunities.

    Mercury is really happy in Gemini. Take advantage of this good fortunate and start making your dreams a reality!!

    Jupiter Stations Direct: All is Right with the World Again

    If you have Jupiter significant in your birth chart, you felt this retrograde loud and clear. When Jupiter is retrograde it takes the steam out of your sails. You feel little incentive to pursue your life path, your higher self.

    Fortunately, on June 9 at 10:02 am, Jupiter Stations direct! And all is right with the world again, at least for now!!

    This, no doubt, will help you on your career path. You tend to win special favor with people of influence. You are charming and diplomatic. It is hard not to adore you!

    Look out for opportunities coming your way this month as the planet of luck and good fortune has been restored to working order!!

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    • I thought my life was too complicated and too messed up for anybody to help me, but I was wrong. Thank you, Marilyn, for listening. I needed someone to listen without judgment. It is up to me, however, to put the pieces back together.

      - Maria
      Los Angeles, California
    • I was not looking for any deep profound answers when I found AstroChic. However, Samantha helped me look inward. That is how I got started on my meditation routine. I cannot thank you enough. It has made a huge difference in improved sleep and concentration. Thank you, thank you!!

      - Faith
      San Francisco, California

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