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    You feel the tug of sweet freedom this month as the sun moves into curious Gemini on May 20, at 03:31 pm. It will stay there for most of June.

    You enjoy traveling and exploring other cultures. You enjoy higher learning. You are a natural teacher and an eternal student.

    Intellectual Gemini brings out your lifelong need to learn and evolve. This could be spiritual. This could be scientific. You are not necessarily particular about which direction you take as long as you are making progress.

    This is a good sun for you in terms of accomplishing your goals. It is time for you to take your show on the road!!

    Mars enters Cancer: Serious part of Life

    You are not necessarily serious about life. You can be, but your optimism buffers you from deeper shadows. This is a good thing because on June 2, at 11:16 am intense Mars enters watery Cancer.

    You will be inspired to debate intellectual questions, but you would rather keep things academic. When things get personal, you rely on your wickedly funny sense of humor.

    Humor is your coping mechanism, and it is an excellent one this month. As long as you keep moving forward, you should be fine. When you start to dwell on the past, that is when you run in motion.

    Venus enters Taurus: Too Much of a Good Thing

    You are in for a good grounding in your life. On June 6, at 02:26 am, Venus enters Taurus, and you will benefit from it at first. However, you like to be free-wheeling to do what you want.

    Taurus wants to lay roots and stay in one spot. This is a very sensual and loving Venus placement for sure, but you soon sicken of the calm. You need action, not words.

    Be patient with the people you love. Find a graceful exit strategy when you do need to be free to wander. As long as you are honest with people, they will respect you for you.

    Mercury enters Gemini: Let Learning Commence!

    You are an intellectual powerhouse. You might not know it, but the infrastructure is there. You might not have found your voice yet.

    On June 6, at 05:15 pm, Mercury (the planet of communication) enters cerebral and chatty Gemini.

    If you haven’t found your inner voice yet, you will get very close to it this month with this Mercury.

    You will focus on communication and life goals. Both of these paths require learning and teaching. You are quite comfortable here.

    This is a good time to take a new class, even if it is an online tutorial. Try to keep really good notes this month. They will prove most useful in the future.

    Jupiter Stations Direct: Your Ruling Planet is Working Again!

    You have probably been down on yourself lately. I say this because Jupiter is your ruling planet. When Jupiter is retrograde, you feel it the most in your life.

    This affects your life path. This affects your life goals. This also affects ability to benefit from opportunities. On June 9 at 10:02 am, Jupiter Stations direct and cosmic balance will be restored in your life.

    You can be quite lucky in life. You owe most of your luck in life to this happy and buoyant planet.  Without Jupiter, you would not be as inspired by eternal optimism. Your rose colored glasses would fade away.

    This might not seem like much, but it is what fuels your dreams. And your dreams make your reality possible. You create what you dream after all. This is a time to celebrate!

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