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    The month begins with the sun in traveling Gemini. You kind of groove on this young and happy energy. It is very social. You love to spend time with good friends. You enjoy a little bit of the good life.

    Your social life will pick up on May 20, at 03:31 pm, as the sun enters social butterfly Gemini. You will feel the effects of this sun in how you feel about yourself most of all.

    This high-minded sun might inspire you communicate in a more effective way. It might also influence a decision to further your education.

    Gemini energy is considered masculine energy. Some might think of the twins as the jokers of the zodiac. But there is highly intellectual energy here. Take advantage of this time to network and further your life goals. You will be glad that you did.

    Mars enters Cancer: Cooler Heads Prevail!

    You are very charismatic and soothing by nature. People love to be around you. However, you have a stubborn streak. Your closest friends probably know this best of all, but they love you anyway!!

    On June 2, at 11:16 am Mars enters Cancer. This could be a good thing for you. Or it could be a not so good thing for you.

    You are not highly emotional. You are very level-headed. But when Mars is found in Cancer, you will feel the weight of this Mars emotionally whether you like it or not.

    Remember, Mars is what you are willing to fight for in life. It is how you express yourself when conflict arises. When fiery mars is influenced by watery cancer, some powerful steam might be the byproduct!

    Remember to depersonalize conflict. Try to look at disagreements as if they are other peoples’ disagreements. This way, you will be more objective when it comes to solving your own emotional stuff.

    Venus enters Taurus: You Love to Love

    Venus is your ruling planet, after all!  When Venus moves into Taurus, on June 6, at 02:25 am, you are at home with how you feel in your relationships. You will feel a sense of control.

    By the way, you like to be in control. The big secret is you don’t like people to know that you are in control. If they realized you were the puppet master, they might not be so agreeable!

    This is also a very loving and generous Venus. This Venus speaks the language of love. I cannot overstate the need to grow roots in your love life under this Venus.

    Young relationships have a good chance of going the distance with this sweet and supportive energy fueling the way!!

    Mercury enters Gemini: Keep doing what you are doing!

    You are no slouch when it comes to business. You like to live in the material world. You love all aspects of life in the material world. In fact, you can get caught up in a materialistic life. But we will save that for another post.

    The point of this post is that you are a top-notch business person in all that you do. You have charisma. You have good taste. You are talented and creative. And you have determination.

    On June 6, at 05:15 pm when Mercury enters Gemini, you will see increased opportunity for success in business.

    Communication is the operative word here. The more you put yourself out there and network, the more successful you will be under this Mercury.

    Further, this is a good time for continuing education!!

    Jupiter Stations Direct: Lucky Jupiter!!

    You have been through quite a few retrogrades lately. It is nice to see cosmos return to normal. There are only so many bad energy days you can endure.

    You like maintain a sense of balance and harmony in your personal life. You know how to make yourself happy.

    The great news is Jupiter (the planet of opportunities) stations direct on June 9 at 10:02 am. You are very sensitive to changes in energy and vibration. You will pick up on this immediately.

    Things will start to happen for you and not to you. Remember to make hay during this time of opportunity!  There will ways be another rainy day!!

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