The Moon Tarot: Confusion in Love

the moon

The Moon Tarot card represents confusion about your own wants and needs and the needs of others.

The Moon also represents life of the imagination.  Imagination knows no boundaries in life or love.  Although you may be feeling psychic today, it may be hard to put the pieces together.

Don’t try to force a situation that isn’t already working.  This may interrupt the natural flow of energy and put you further off of your love course.

Patience may be needed to allow things to unfold in time and come to fruition.  The universe has a way of making things make sense in its own sweet time.

Moon in Aries: The Heart Wants what it Wants

The moon is in Aries today. This is an impulsive, fiery moon. You will see all of this energy manifest in your life today.

The trick is to know what to do with it.

Aries is very vital life energy. It is also action-packed energy. You will need to keep moving.

Try not to act impulsively in your love life. If you act without thinking things through, you might regret it later.

Harness the passion of this fiery moon. If you can keep your whits about you, this energy could benefit you emotionally.

Venus in Aries: Pure Passion

Venus (the planet of love) remains in Aries. This is a whole lot of Aries energy.

You will either get a lot done today, or you will feel like you are running in motion.

Meditate before you take action. This may sound cliche, but it works! When you have a calm mind, you are able to see things clearly!!

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