Ace of Cups: Powerful Love

ace of cups

The Ace of Cups Tarot represents a powerful omen benefiting love and relationships.

However, it also represents new beginnings or the need to take a relationship in a new direction.  This may seem concerning at first.

Newness gets a bad rap for representing the end of something.  However, it might be better to focus on the beginning part of this omen.

This could be a relationship with a friend, loved one or relative.  This is about you and your ability to grow and change.

This could also be you growing into yourself.  People can be very different at how they reach different levels in life in their relationships.

Metaphorically, try to look at your glass as being half-full.  Overall, the meaning is considered positive.

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TESTIMONIAL LOVE: This is how our clients got their groove!

  • I ADORE YOU!!!! You have a magical gift in bringing warmth, smiles and positive energy to ME!!

    - Isabella S.
    Detroit, Michigan
  • Thank you, Marilyn, for guiding me through a very difficult time in my life. Understanding where I was in terms of my chart really helped me put the pieces together. Until next time!!

    - Kristie
    Austin, Texas
  • I that my life was too complicated and too messed up for anybody to help me, but I was wrong. Thank you, Marilyn, for listening. I needed someone to listen without judgment. It is up to me, however, to put the pieces back together.

    - Maria
    Los Angeles, California
  • I was not looking for any deep profound answers when I found AstroChic. However, Samantha helped me look inward. That is how I got started on my meditation routine. I cannot thank you enough. It has made a huge difference in improved sleep and concentration. Thank you, thank you!!

    - Faith
    San Francisco, California

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