Personalized Psychic Reading

Meet Your AstroChic Psychic, Samantha:


Samantha has been a psychic medium since birth. She is also clairvoyant. Before pursuing a career in psychic readings, she was a practicing reiki practitioner and a massage therapist. She also teaches yoga.

Throughout the, you will see Samantha’s footprints. She cares very much about emotional and physical wellbeing. She believes meditation and higher vibration can help you achieve this. However, sometimes you need a little guidance to get to where you need to go.

Tell us a little about yourself!

  • Price: $58.00
  • Say a little about any changes, crossroads or major questions that we can help clarify. You can also send 3 specific questions that you would like us to explore in your chart.
  • Date of birth (month, date & year) is fine. If you have their birth time and location, even better.
  • $0.00

Please Note: Payment is due at the time you secure your appointment.

  • Readings are 58.00 and last 60 minutes
  • Readings are conducted via Skype and telephone
  • After your reading, you will receive a copy of your chart via email
  • Payment is due when your appointment is scheduled

TESTIMONIAL LOVE: This is how our clients got their groove!

  • I thought my life was too complicated and too messed up for anybody to help me, but I was wrong. Thank you, Marilyn, for listening. I needed someone to listen without judgment. It is up to me, however, to put the pieces back together.

    - Maria
    Los Angeles, California
  • I ADORE YOU!!!! You have a magical gift in bringing warmth, smiles and positive energy to ME!!

    - Isabella S.
    Detroit, Michigan
  • I have always been reluctant to spend the money on a reading for myself. I thought it would be too self-indulgent. But I realized that I am worth it. It has helped me so much that I plan on making it a yearly thing. Thank you, Sam!!

    - Lisa
    Dallas, Texas
  • Thank you, Marilyn, for guiding me through a very difficult time in my life. Understanding where I was in terms of my chart really helped me put the pieces together. Until next time!!

    - Kristie
    Austin, Texas